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Optimize Care Team Workflows for a Better Patient Experience

Connect care teams in real-time with secure, HIPAA-compliant video, voice, and text solutions so you can spend more time with patients and less time on administrative tasks.

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Common Challenges for Home Health & Hospice Organizations

Home health and Hospice Communications Software caregivers are on the move all day – navigating between patients’ homes, the office, and the pharmacy. The ability to exchange patient information in the field is critical, but phone tag and redundant phone calls are often time-consuming and frustrating parts of the job.

To support their mobile workforce, home health and hospice organizations need:

  • An easy, secure way for their care teams to collaborate with physicians and colleagues and connect with patients from the field.
  • A way to communicate with multiple groups in real-time and send and receive expedient notifications, whether on patient needs or an alert when a patient status changes.
  • The ability to remotely manage referrals, keep track of caseworkers, and dispatch caregivers, while keeping patient health information secure and HIPAA-compliant.
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How TigerConnect Optimizes Workflows

TigerConnect allows home health and hospice organizations to modernize care team workflows and clinical communication while maintaining HIPAA compliance. Using trusted home health and hospice software from TigerConnect, field staff and nurses can securely share updates and files, conduct live group video and voice calls, send wound images, and coordinate care from the office, a patient’s home, or while in transit.

Effective communication in home health and hospice care supports better transitions of care, eases administrative burdens, and streamlines case management. By leveraging TigerConnect, home health and hospice organizations can replace inefficient processes with seamless, two-way communication that allows for real-time care team collaboration and patient engagement. 

How TigerConnect Helps Home Health & Hospice Organizations

TigerConnect empowers home health and hospice organizations to transform care team clinical workflows with secure, HIPAA-compliant video, voice, and text solutions.

Request a demo to learn how TigerConnect transforms workflows so care teams can spend more time communicating with patients and families and less time on administrative tasks.

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The Challenges for Ambulatory Surgery Centers

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New Patient Referrals & Admission

Streamline the home health referral workflow with secure cross-facility messaging to speed up the patient intake process, reduce the risk of hospital re-admittance, and improve patient satisfaction.


Staffing Optimization

Eliminate redundant and inefficient processes. With role-based messaging, caretakers can instantly reach the right on-duty staff member from their smartphone or desktop. Communication channels for patient engagement also help prevent avoidable and unscheduled home visits.


Transitions of Care

Coordinate patient transfers and home arrivals more efficiently with instant access to referring facilities and home health liaisons. Comprehensive documentation improves care plan follow-thru and reduces the risk of hospital re-admittance.

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Family Communication

Improve response times and foster higher family satisfaction by communicating with family members via video, voice, and text to discuss patient care, manage medications, and respond to questions. Telehealth options reduce the number of in-person visits needed while maintaining a high level of care.

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Nurse & Physician Communication

Communicate with nurses and physicians in real-time. Using secure home health software, send photos, videos, and initiate text conversations to respond faster to patient needs and improve the caregiver experience.

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Care Coordination

Connect with care teams in the field to better coordinate home visits and care. Securely communicate patient assignments via text, video, and voice, reducing the risk of errors, appointment reschedules, and delays in care.

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Wound Care Management

Monitor wound care by sending video and images, along with case files, to physicians and care team members. Our cloud-based, secure messaging app minimizes the need to store sensitive information on personal devices.

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