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Integrate communication systems to reduce burnout, streamline workflows, and improve patient safety.

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The Need for Hospital Communication Modernization

Many hospitals and medical centers are plagued by increasing costs, government mandates, and personnel shortages that affect their bottom line. Addressing these challenges often makes budget unavailable for modernizing communication, leaving care teams with antiquated technology like pagers, spreadsheets, and overhead PA systems, which can affect care quality and patient safety. TigerConnect offers a cost-effective way for hospitals to integrate and modernize communication systems, enabling staff to:

  • Instantly deliver critical patient data
    where needed
  • Improve patient safety and satisfaction
  • Make physician scheduling easy and
  • Reduce patient readmissions
  • Manage alarms and reduce nurse

Use Cases & Workflows for Hospitals & Medical Centers

TigerConnect: Healthcare’s Most Integrated Communication Platform

TigerConnect seamlessly replaces outdated tools and integrates with existing critical systems like EHRs, nurse call, physician scheduling, and patient monitoring devices to improve both communication and workflows among care teams. Built for healthcare, TigerConnect makes collaborating by text, voice, and video easy for care providers, leading to improved care quality and higher patient satisfaction.

Tufts Medical Center Optimizes OR Efficiency And Care Team Communication

See how TigerConnect helped Tufts Medical Center staff increase their OR first case on-time start rate by 70%, eliminate 17 different phone calls, improve their security practices, and communicate through EHR downtime.

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