Physician Group and Ambulatory Care Collaboration Software

Physician Groups, Practices & Ambulatory Organizations

Improve collaboration, patient engagement, and scheduling with secure, mobile-friendly communication.

Physician Groups

Overcome physician group communication challenges

Whether supported by a larger health system or an independent practice, your organization may face communication challenges due to minimal access to modern EHRs, scheduling systems, and more. This can result in incomplete patient information, delayed or missing test results, diagnostic errors, and infections — all of which can impact patient safety and quality of care. With secure, mobile-friendly text, video, and voice communication, TigerConnect enables ambulatory center staff to:

  • Collaborate with providers, labs, and specialists
  • Text patient follow-up care reminders
  • Minimize appointment no-shows
  • Automate physician scheduling
  • Reduce hospital readmissions

Clinical Collaboration Platform Solution for Physician Groups

Standardize communication and streamline workflows on a single, integrated cloud-native platform.

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Patient Engagement Solution for Physician Groups

Reach patients and families by text or video in a way that’s easy for patients. Manage virtual visits and reminders.

Physician Scheduling Solution for Physician Groups

Build and share on-call schedules with easy to use templates.

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Use Cases & Workflows for Ambulatory Care & Physician Groups

TigerConnect: Your Scalable, HIPAA-Compliant Solution

Simply put, modernizing healthcare communication helps clinics and physician practices streamline operations and serve more patients, better. TigerConnect connects physicians, care teams, and systems to efficiently send patient information, transmit test results, collaborate on diagnosis and treatment, and improve patient satisfaction and outcomes. Cloud-based, TigerConnect is an agile, cost-effective solution for single physician practices on up to the large health systems

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