Executives: Healthcare Transformation

Contain Costs, Retain Staff, and Manage Risk

Fast-track your digital transformation with Healthcare’s most robust clinical communication & collaboration platform.

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Innovation Care Partners (Honor Health)

“We fundamentally, wholeheartedly believe that TigerConnect is a huge part of our success.”

— Faron Thompson, Chief Operating Officer

Digital Transformation

Modernize the way your organization collaborates

Leverage the power of the cloud to effect powerful change in the way your teams operate and deliver patient care. Scale collaboration and root out costly inefficiencies with a single platform that lets people communicate faster and access relevant data instantly.

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System Integrations

Get a higher ROI from your EHR investment

Extract greater value from your deep investment in the EHR by integrating with a clinical collaboration platform. Fill gaps in EHR functionality and unlock data for intelligent, real-time delivery that accelerates care. Connect all facilities – hospitals, clinics, skilled nursing, specialty practices – on a single platform, even those using different EHRs.

TigerConnect Patient Satisfaction

Beat competing hospitals in patient satisfaction

Lead your region by applying one of the key secrets to higher patient satisfaction: better communication. Give care teams the modern technology they need to accelerate care delivery while updating patients and their families at every stage of care with easy-to-use text and video.

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Solve Big Organizational Challenges

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Bring Digital Transformation

Fast-track digital adoption using secure cloud and mobile technology that make hospital workers’ jobs easier.

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Optimize Patient Throughput

Leverage a collaboration suite that optimizes workflows and patient volumes while reducing staff burnout.

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Reduce Costs

Reduce capital expenditures and eliminate hidden costs from outdated communication technologies.


Your Cheat Sheet for Evaluating CC&C Solutions

Discover eight areas to explore when considering clinical communication and collaboration solutions. By considering these key areas, you will be better equipped to provide value to your organization and see the tangible benefits of investing in a CC&C solution.

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System Integrations

Manage alarms more effectively

Intelligently manage alerts and alarms to keep nurses working top-of-license. Optimize workflows through real-time data. Load-balance assignments while reducing nurse burnout and the risk of medical errors.

TigerConnect Physician Scheduling

Find and message the right physician every time

Trade outdated paper schedules for integrated, automated, role-based scheduling and reach the right physician on the first try. Coordinate consults more easily and resolve medication issues faster. Identify on-call residents with block scheduling.

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TigerConnect Patient Engagement

Text patients and families directly, securely.

Phone tag wastes time and creates toil. Engage patients and their families directly with two-way texting, voice, or video. Answer questions, provide updates and attach discharge plans. App-free patient experience simplifies outreach and drives up patient satisfaction

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See how TigerConnect helps 7,000+ healthcare organizations collaborate seamlessly across the hall or across the health system.

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